Israel's War Against Hamas - Updates

Islamist Hezbollah posted footage of northern #Israel that it said was captured by its drone. Hezbollah calls the drone Hoopoe. If you're not well versed in Islam, Quran 27:20 says that the Hoopoe was the bird that scouted earth from up high and reported back to Prophet Suleiman (King Solomon). It was the Hoopoe that first spotted Queen of Sheba, whose name in Islamic tradition (but not the Quran) is given as Balqis, Arabic for black on the outside and white on the inside.

If we go by the Hoopoe legend, then the Hezbollah drone must have the hexagram (six-sided star) on its wings. This star is known as the Star (or Magen) of David and also the Seal of Solomon (the owner of the Quran's Hoopoe), and is currently the emblem of the State of Israel and can be found on its flag.

I guess history (or the Quran) is not really Hezbollah's forte.

Tens of thousands of Zionists, and I say Zionists and not Jews because you have Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, and any other religion you can imagine, all here to celebrate their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and friends being sworn in to defend their country and their people. And that is all you need to know. Am Yisrael Chai!!


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