Israel's War Against Hamas - Updates

Rafif, 13 year old, was killed when Rafif, the 13 year old who was trained for the past 7 years in an UNRWA terror camp to shoot, stab, and murder Jews decided to pick up a rifle and fire at troops with other 13 year old children who trained in that same UNRWA camp. IDF soldiers engaged these child soldiers and as much as they’d hoped to never be put in that situation of having to kill a child, Hamas decided to destroy this child’s life and turning them into a murdering terrorist.

Rafif, 13 years old, died as a terrorist because they only wanted to murder IDF soldiers. And Hind, a Hamas operative pretending to be a journalist, celebrates the death of this child terrorist so that she can manipulate her idiotic audience with more propaganda in the hope that they’ll send her some more cake to stuff her face with.
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