Is it ‘political’…Is Caitlin Clark too white, too heterosexual and too core American to represent this new America that all Dem run institutions push?

Caitlin is so pretty. Beautiful, in fact.


Or, perhaps she’s just a gifted athlete with a strong heart and work ethic.
She is white she can play she is fun to watch and she is saving the WNBA.... but a bunch of uneducated black racist haters on other teams seem to want her out.... talk about stupid.... did Pippen want Jordan or Magic or Ramblis out?... hell no stars are good for the league and its cash flow...
She's an excellent player who has entered a league full of talented players. She had better get used to it.
And as far as I know, she hasn't knelt for the 'National Anthem', so the Olympic team probably isn't interested in her.
She's just another player now. Welcome to the big leagues. I like watching her but she is just another player. I hope she does well. Upcoming g are those better than she.

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