Iranian Response - Its a Paper Dragon


Apr 22, 2007
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ONCE Israel takes out Iran's nuclear sites, what will Iran's response be? Libtards want to make you think it will be massive! However, if you exam the facts it will probably be a wimper not a roar.

Exam how Iran can counter attack:
1) By the Air:
First Israel's airforce is stronger and more sophisticated than the entire Middle East and Persia air force combined. LOL, Iran has a tiny airforce made of mostly pre-'79 US fighter Jets. It would be no match for Israel's airforce in its current compacity. Furthermore, Israel has been planning its future attack for years. One prime target will be Iran's airforce. Check the air off the list!

(2) Missile Attack:
Although this might be Iran's best direct attack method, its nothing more and an empty threat. Emptier than Kalam's allegance to America! Iran likes to brag about its vast offensive missiles. However, its bark not bite. First, their offensive missiles stockade is not nearly as large as they make it out to be. Second, the length Iranian missiles have to travel is a extremely long. This makes them easily detectable and interceptable. Third Israel has some of the best missile shields in the world (thanks to Sadam's scud attacks), which are even more effective given the size of Israel. Fourth, the Iranian missiles are not the high quality they make them out to be. The offensive missile claim is a PAPER DRAGON. Check this one off.

(3) Naval attack:
Iran's navy is like its airforce. Small and outdated. First it wouldn't be match for Israel's navy, but it would be intercepted by various other country's navies (Britian, French, Italian, Turkish, Saudi Arabian, Iraqi, American even Russian navies) and would have to engage in combat to even get a chance to get slaughtered by Israel's navy. The by the sea option is out.

(4) Ground forces:
This would be Iran's biggest military advantage over Israel, since it has a larger active armed force and a 10 fold larger population. However, ground troops mean little if they can't get to the battle field. The air transportation is out (no capacities and IAF would pick them off easily). Sea transportation is out (see above). Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and even Syria and Lebanon (troops would have troop getting there), wouldn't allow a massive Iranian ground force to travel through its country. The ground troops would have no way to get to the battle. A few special force agents and maybe 1,000 or so could get through the cracks into Syria or Lebanon, if either engaged in direct conflict, but the mass amount of troops needed for the ground forces to be in Iran's favor would be near impossible for Iran to succeed. Not to mention shear numbers have meant very little in the past. In '48 (when Israel didn't have a sophisticated military), '67 and '73 massive amount of ground troops were sent (much bigger than what Iran could even muster) and they received royal ass-kickings. Check this one off the list.

(5) Proxy Wars (meaning Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria):
First, if Syrian wanted war with Israel they would have provoked one by now. Make no mistake, the Syrian Alawites Government (which is a branch of Shia Islam) rules is over an unhappy Sunni Islamic population which very much challenges the rule in Syria. Ever wonder about Assad and Iran's connection wink wink. They share Shia Islam. Second, you might hear Syrian's talk tough, but they without a doubt fear war with Israel. If they wanted war, they had more than opportune time to engage in war, when Israel blew up its nuclear site. Syria didn't even retailate. Syria will not go to war with Israel for itself, so why would anyone think they would for Iran? :confused:
Second, accept it or not, Cast Lead has amazing results. The missile attacks stopped, Hamas fears for its life and even seems to be moderating and it exposed Hamas's capacities as extremely limited to ineffective crude missile attacks. No true large scale threat there.
Third, Hezbollah. People like to say Hezbollah kicked Israel's ass, but look at the facts. The destruction to Lebanon was enormous and on an enormous scale. Not so much to Israel. While Hezbollah has rearmed, they had done much to avoid any confrontation with Israel. Heck their leader is deathly afraid to come out in public even in his own country. Believe it or not Israel fought the Second Lebanon war with its hands tied behind its back. If Hezbollah goes to war with Israel for Iran, you better believe it will be a bloody massacre and the Liberal cries will fall on deaf ears.

Fact of the matter is. Israel doesn't need our help and it would do more bad than good if we did help! The Iranian response (if there is one) would be tame. Actually they would probably resort to some kind of terrorism against Jews outside of Israel!

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