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Iowa Governor Says She Won't Take In Biden's Illegitimate Children


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Apr 20, 2017
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This is how conservative Christians speak when they are confronted with the reality of an abortion free central America and Mexico all life is not precious to a Christian in the USA unless it's to ban abortion.
No... this is how RATIONAL human beings speak when they can see the path ahead and where it leads for America. You people don't give a damn if this country is destroyed so long as you can feel you've "won" over your political opponents. In the short term, there's nothing we can do but as these criminals begin to appear in unmistakable numbers in our communities, they will learn just how damned UNWELCOMING we can be and your fecking SCHUTZSTAFFEL won't be able to stop it. When people like YOU begin opening your homes and bank accounts to them, we can talk.
Fuck you, I wouldn't hire them when they came asking you don't know Jack. At the same time I don't lie about my intentions like Christians and politicians do when they want to control your body and your reproductive system or make you pee for a job.

You sure get your feelings hurt easily. So is it your position that God says a Nation, ANY Nation should take in EVERYONE who wants to come into it? You're an idiot, but that is self evident.
Have you not read the Bible and noted how a sovereign nation is supposed to play host to the visitors from other lands? All I can say is the next time you Repubs get in power change the laws you hate so people cannot legally come into the US and claim asylum instead of tax breaks for the wealthy and the destruction of healthcare for millions..
If you know the Bible so we'll quote where it says that. Like a lot of liberals, you can't.

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