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Illegal arrested had 200 lbs pot and wearing carpet booties he made himself.


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Jan 15, 2009
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Alleged smuggler found with backpacks full of pot


Photos & VIDEO at link.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Near Three Points in the Arizona desert the Border Patrol found a Mexican man with a cowboy hat on and carpet booties on his feet and they found 200 pounds of pot.

The man was carrying a backpack filled with marijuana trying to get into America. The agents said after a search they found two other back packs loaded with marijuana but no other persons.

The drug mules who were carrying those backpacks must have split like a bat out of Hell once they got wind of the Border Patrol was on their trail.

The drug traffickers make booties out of carpet by sewing them into shoes to fit over their boots. That way there are no visible foot prints in the sand although the Border Patrol has been trained to see the cover up that the booties make. Sometimes the illegal aliens will sweep the tracks with brush after they cross a BP dirt road to eliminate detection.


"See my carpet bootie Señor I make them myself."

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