If Lincoln sends slaves home to Africa and Reagan doesn’t sign the Amnesty Bill...


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Mar 30, 2017
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Like Alabama
Politically speaking it would be the western version of the Taliban.
I seriously doubt the US would erupt into tribal warfare if not for the presence of blacks and mexicans.
Even assuming that "tribal warfare" is taking place or might, how would that be the fault of "blacks and mexicans," neither of whom seem to be pushing "tribal warfare," rather than other groups? The only people who seem to be pushing for "tribal warfare" are Caucasians from our lowest, least educated, and least civilized ranks. The rest of us get along with our neighbors.
If you want to imagine what an all-white America might look like, Europe sets a pretty obvious example. You know, the countries that the American left wants to emulate?
Russia has been "diverse" for centuries--------------the result is constant wars/terrorism within it various religious fractions. Europe has been becoming diverse over the last few decades--the result is not an improvement.

The US did not want to leave its european culture behind--just its monarchs.....
Diversity has never been our friend
Do a DNA test and you'll see how diverse you are.
Just imagine not having all the ethnic food.....we would have to be stuck with boiled chicken and steamed broccoli.
French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, English, Swedes, Finns, Scots, etc etc

Do these not count as ethnicities? How come only brown people get that distinction?
They are nationalities and not ethnicities. Brown.


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Dec 29, 2020
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Where is the OP hoping to go with this thread? If Lincoln send slaves home...…..

What does today’s America look like...politically speaking of course?
Exactly like the Archie Bunker old white guy sitting on his couch (favorite chair) berating his wife,
cheering on the current day Hannity and Carlson.
Lincoln was considering what to do with blacks pending a North victory. He was considering arranging Africa or somewhere in the Caribbean as a landing spot for them.

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