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I want one of these here in Indy!


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Jun 29, 2008
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Are there a hundred kinds of macaroni and cheese here, ones made with exotic cheeses, arcane noodles and cooking methods beloved by Martha Washington, Fannie Farmer and Escoffier? There are not: You have it Mac & Cheeza's way, stirred with a slightly grainy cheese sauce and baked under a cheese crust, or you don't have it at all. (If you've come on the right day, you can have your crust enriched with crushed Cool Ranch Doritos if that's your sort of thing.) Mac & Cheeza is not a temple of cuisine, although the macaroni art on the walls is as beautiful as a Van Gogh painting reinterpreted by a kindergarten class at crafts time.

Mac's Headroom - Page 1 - Eat+Drink - Los Angeles - LA Weekly

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