I have to give all these liberals a break…


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Nov 20, 2012
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I guess I must admit that if Hillary won I would not be the least bit happy. I cannot imagine me doing what the loser usually says in their concession speech, i.e. that we must now try to work together to make things better for this nation. I could never do that with Obama either time, could not stand what he stood for or what he did and did not do. Same with Hillary. I see these people as horribly dishonest, making huge deals with their corporate backers or foreign elements behind our backs, and corruption abounds. I cannot endorse that or even work with that. I believe they are an enemy to the common good and an enemy to Christian principles well defined.

So if you feel that is who Donald Trump is and that his policies are abhorrent for the common good, then I will not be surprised you would do whatever you may to obstruct his ambitions (legally).

Finally, I am a very much afraid Christian who does not believe our future looks promising. I think there are so many malevolent human and spiritual elements in this world working against the good of mankind, and they are relentless. So large that neither Trump nor Hillary (if she cared) can overcome the power and coming storms. So I go to church and pray. That is my answer to our problems.

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