I have always spoken out against backstabbing Canadian Security, but citizens too now?


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Aug 6, 2012
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Had to share this story as it is not cool in my opinion. I'm in line at the grocery store grabbing a few things after my workout and the guy behind me realizes he missed an item. We've all been there right? I am still in the process of paying for my stuff so I suppose he figures he has time and wont slow thing down.

Therefore, he asks the guy behind him if he can just hold on a moment and watch his stuff as he just has to quickly grab something, the good smiling Canadian guy says in a really upbeat voice, "sure pal not a problem, go grab what you need". I don't think anything of it as I punch in my debit card code and pay.

As I'm quickly bagging my food I see the same smiling rat grab his six or so items (we were in the express lane) and pass the guy who was in front of him who ran to grab his item, leaving the guys stuff there. The cashier scans his first item and the guy who went to grab something runs back into line just in time to find the friendly, smiling rat bast.ard has passed him in the line. I see his eyes as he looks at the guy, dumbfounded and in disbelief.

Worse still, the guy who basically budded past him, has some sort of list of three or four items that were not in stock but were in the flyer, and he forces the cashier to call down one of the grocery managers as the line up behind him does the switch from foot to foot knowing they will be awhile.

I didn't stick around to catch the conclusion of this mini-dram, but I have to say, people are more selfish and inconsiderate now than in any time in my life. I've seen some bad behaviours of late. No basic respect for people.
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