How's That Open Border Policy working Out For You?

Trump was the only one trying to block the Chinese, you and yours used the courts to block his actions. Stop trying to rewrite history. Some of us aren’t mentally addled fools with no long-term memory.

That was the problem, he was trying to block the Chinese. He was trying to get AMERICANS back into the country as quickly as possible, instead of telling them to shelter in place.

Sadly, the Covid Virus wasn't as racist as he was. It happily hopped a ride back with white people.
You are an opinionated idiot. The plague was China’s fault and no one elses. Trump had nothing to do with the riots and when he tried to use federal LEOs to defend federal buildings people like you lost your minds. The riots were the fault of local politicians allowing them to happen. Despite your rhetoric, Trump wasn’t a dictator and all of his actions were restrained by the law, the courts and the Constitution.

Nope. China did what it was supposed to do. It warned the world about the virus outbreak and locked down their country to prevent the spread. In fact, even Trump thanked Xi for his efforts.


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