How we got to Obamacare and worthless charities


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Jan 12, 2012
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Back in the olden days , on their own accord, churches took it upon themselves to ease the suffering of the public.
Missions, shelters, schools, hospitals, ect.
Rich people started donating money to the church.
This was unacceptable to the anti-religious left, and Freemasons, ect.
"WHAAAA! the church should be taxed! this is nothing but a business!"
(Because we remember how it was , priests and nuns driving Ferraris ect...)
"What if I wanna help, but i'm not religious?"
The government said "OK, if you want to set up your charity, we'll give you tax-free status"
Then the government said "A little tax money goes a long way, with a small percent of taxes you won't even notice, we can provide services to the needy"
Doctors and health care workers swore to work, even if the time comes when they can't be paid.
Over time, the church was down-played, and all the money started funneling into the government ,the charities, and the non-church institutions that were once religious.
It didn't take long for the government to start their BS.
Some weasel in government told his brother the doctor, "Every time you give someone a flu shot, i'll give you 40k"
"Uh oh, money is running out, time to raise the general taxes again!"
It didn't take long for the lawyers and businesses to start their BS.
"How much of our charity revenue are we REQUIRED to give to the cause?"
Eventually our honorable government came up with the figure of 3 percent.
Sometime in the last 10 years, they changed it to 1 percent.
Now we have highly paid charity jobs, and the John J Goldmound Foundation, is nothing more than a tax shelter that saves rich people money, and places their name on things for fame.
Health care insurance companies started up.
No American should have ever purchased health insurance unless their small monthly fee covered every possible thing that could have happened to them, and it never did.
...but they bought insurance anyways.
With the very small fees that insurance companies collected from pay checks and company plans, health insurance companies became one of the most profitable multi-billion dollar corporations in America.
They take a monthly fee from workers who have no health issues, and sap money from doctors and hospitals.
They invested their money in lawyers, and minimizing payouts.
The government and the public did nothing.
They became so big they started telling doctors and hospitals how their going to run their business.
Health care patients get a fraction of what the need, and doctors get a fraction of what they asked for.
Doctors and Hospitals start jacking up the prices of services, to get from insurance companies what they feel they need, knowing they will only get part of the bill.
Now the Democrats of California and other states , with the blessing of the Federal government, found another good way to screw up the country.
Let people from around the world come here illegally and take advantage of our county emergency health services.
People started flocking here like they would to a malfunctioning slot machine.
The health companies said "You know , we sell health insurance for a few hundred per month"
...and the foreigners said "yeah right! go screw yourself"
Now we reached the point where there had to be reform.
In a free country, the offer from the health insurance companies is worthless.
The health care companies were running out of profit to sap from the public and the hospitals.
The time had come for the public to force the government to control the insurance companies, ...which is not Socialism, it's all perfectly legal under American law.
Mitt Romney, John Roberts, and Obama decided to sic the IRS on every working person and FORCE them to buy insurance.
...and we're still going to have every problem we had before, plus new ones.

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