Hope on the horizon?


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Apr 23, 2004
You'll have to check the Marauder's Map...
As the elections near, political ads heat up. Locally, we have governor, senate, and mayoral elections, etc.

Ads are popping up everywhere. Both sides slinging mud, but mostly the left is, only because they don't have any REAL ammo (pun intended) to hurl.

Watch the clip from a local station here, putting the most recent slader ad against our current governor, through the 'truth test'. It makes me feel a bit more hopeful that the liberals are getting their true intentions and their lying ways, aired in public. Channel 5 news is one of the most watched stations here-they are watched by at least 50% of the state.

news clip: http://kstp.dayport.com/viewer/viewerpage.php?Art_ID=169130

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