Hmmm..gun control in Sweden...2 gunmen open fire with fully automatic rifles...gang related...


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Jul 19, 2014
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As I have pointed out over and over, gun crime in Sweden is lower than in the United States only because criminals in Europe don't choose to use guns....dittos Japan, but they have as much access to guns as they want...ask the 3 terrorists in FRance, the masked gunmen who shot up the Marseilled neighborhood, the killer in Denmark and the killer in Belgium......

Two gunmen opened fire with fully automatic rifles in a pub in Sweden....police sat it was gang related.....

Gangs and guns go hand in hand all over the world....bikie gangs in Australia have the guns

Gangs and immigrant communities go hand in hand...see Australia, France, Britain, Sweden, Belgium, Canada...

Two killed and more than 10 injured in Swedish pub shooting World news The Guardian

Two men have been killed and more than 10 wounded after gunmen opened fire in a pub, in a suspected gang-related attack in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, police have said.

Customers in the bar were watching football on television when the shootings took place, late on Wednesday.
“Two died and between 10 and 15 were wounded,” police spokesman Bjoer Blixte said. Up to four of those injured were in a serious but stable condition. “We are assuming that this is gang-related and not a terrorist attack,” he said. “We’ve had similar problems with shootings for several years but never of this magnitude.”

Hmmmmm....apparently gangs and guns go like love and marriage.....even in Sweden....

The shooting fitted a pattern of retributions between rival gangs in areas with high immigrant populations in Gothenburg, Sweden’s third-largest city. The gunmen fled the scene by car and police are still hunting for them.

A witness told the Aftonbladet newspaper that two people entered the pub in the Gothenburg suburb of Biskopsgården armed with weapons that looked like Kalashnikovs, and started shooting.
There have been dozens of gang-related shootings in Gothenburg in recent years, many of them in the Biskopsgården area – a housing estate with a large immigrant population and high unemployment – but killings are relatively rare.
A man was shot dead in an apartment in the area in May last year and two died in suspected gang-related shootings during a surge in violence in late 2013. In January a man was shot in the leg close to the scene of Wednesday’s shooting.

One resident, who did not give her name, told Aftonbladet: “It’s frightening. Things happen nearly every day here but this looks like something extra.”

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