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Hillary wants to spend 500 million tax dollars on bullying....really.....really????

Ray From Cleveland

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Aug 16, 2015
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Yet another Democrat willing to display her lack of concern over our hard earned tax dollars. Hil-Liar wants to use your money to combat bullying as if it could be done.

She said it would work by matching local money spent:

Now, Clinton is offering a policy response to this alleged bullying surge with her proposal, titled “Better Than Bullying.” The proposal would spend $500 million in the form of block grants to state governments. States could get grants by submitting proposals to spend the money on anti-bullying efforts, such as teacher training, hiring more guidance counselors, or launching suicide prevention programs. Grant-winning states would receive $4 of federal money for each dollar they spent themselves.

If you're still on the fence about who to vote for this election, ask yourself, is this what our founders designed our federal government for?

Bullying has been around as long as there have been children. Granted, she could probably never get the money to do this, but it once again shows this Cradle-to-Grave mentality of the Socialists and liberals in our country. Don't spend a dime on protecting our borders, but put up money to battle this national threat of bullying. Really........really?????

Hillary Wants To Spend $500 Million Fighting School Bullying


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