Hillary Fatigue...And it's only 2015


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Dec 2, 2012
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Great article on Politico. Dems are getting very irritated with constant emails from Hillary's campaigners for donations when she won't even declare that she is running.

(Elizabeth Warren.....PUH-LEEZE step in and run!)

Activists bristle at Hillary Clinton fundraising pleas
Constant solicitations for cash in the absence of an actual candidate aren’t sitting well.

"""In early November, with her party on the eve of an electoral walloping, Democrat Mary Tetreau had had enough. The Londonderry, New Hampshire activist was sick of the constant emails begging for money for a candidate who wasn’t even running for office yet.

When another plea landed in her inbox the day before the election, she unsubscribed.

“I’m not going to be ready for Hillary until she announces she’s running for president,” said Tetreau, a three-decade veteran of New Hampshire primary politics, who called Ready for Hillary’s early-and-often email approach “annoying.”

Read more: Activists bristle at Hillary Clinton fundraising pleas - Ben Schreckinger - POLITICO

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