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Dec 26, 2013
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HICFG Investigation Unit

A professional service to investigate health realted fraud and other loss/leakage. The HICFG investigation unit combines a mix of accredited trained investigators, analysts, auditors and clinical experts including a nursing team. We are the experts in health fraud investigation.

HICFG Legal Recoveries and Advice Hot line

Bespoke recovery on fraud loss and leakage within health care. The service bypasses the legal referral process and takes you straight to the barristers.

• Free over the phone advice from the outset of an investigation.
• Free legal advice when collating evidence.
• Free advice on brief preparation and the potential for recovery.

HICFG Legal will assist you to set expectations in the early stages of recovery.

HICFG Training – Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist

Become an investigation expert. This accredited course will fine tune your investigative skills, provide you with employment and promotion opportunities, lead you to a path of higher learning and benefit your organization in loss prevention and risk measurement.

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