Hey Joz!

Mr. P

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Aug 5, 2004
South of the Mason Dixon
Myth 1: Bartenders have the best job.

Swing and a miss. Our job may or may not be more fun than yours, but take a moment to swallow down this shot: While all of you are drinking and having fun, we're working. It is, after all a job. If it was all fun and games, they'd call it something else. And, after you guys are sitting comfortably at My Burger, Denny's and the Mini G with your double cheeseburgers, grand slam breakfasts and Monte Cristos, I'm most likely wiping down bottles, cleaning floor grates and counting money with one eye.

9 more at link...

Thanks Mr. P!
I could have used that awhile back. Think I'm gonna hang up my bar rag.

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