Harrison Butker's Women's Jerseys sell out: Media Frenzy is complete disinformation

I heard of this "outrage" through the dishonest channels: social media and mainstream media. Supposedly, Butker made horribly degrading comments about women.

In reality, he supported and exalted motherhood.

In my opinion, this exposes how much our mainstream culture holds a secret contempt for women who love being mothers. Butker is a Catholic, and he was at a Catholic school, talking about how much value and joy a woman can attain from being a mother, in a world where being a mother is merely tolerated and bedgrudingly acknowledged. In our modern culture, women are constantly depicted as world-beating, dominating figures to attempt to social engineer a segement of women against some sort of stigma, despite the stigma being entirely based on factual biology. Butker merely embraced and praised women who choose to use their valued, amazing super-power of having children and nurturing them as only they can.

this has caused the feminist, woke media and culture to have a conniption and claim Butker is demanding women be slaves to men. It's laughable to watch these hysterical media members go to such dishonest ends to attack this guy, and media/leftism is trying to make this a "sexist" thing.

However, Butker's women's jerseys sold out instantly. Tons of women appreciate and support his message. The media will lie and say his words are offensive to ALL WOMEN, but so many women support his completely non-controversial words that it's not about sexism or sex.

This is about a spoiled radical feminist media who are lashing out the message of men and women being different, and accepting women's unique talents in a family. There are many woke leftist groups who need to stomp this notion and maintain that men and women are equal in all ways, and any differences are just societal.

Butker said nothing controversial whatsoever. He was just pointing out the obvious.

We can't hear anything with which we disagree without going off like crazy meth-heads these days. It's strange and sad.

Anyway, I agree with him that being a wife and mother is important, but his wife's life didn't even start until that point? Okay, well, that's her I guess. I find it sad and strange but that's not me. So I'm not upset about it--whatever.

Imagine that. More "whatever"
Yeah, they had like 5 in stock.

He’s a kicker.

He’s about to be an ex-NFL kicker.

You guys....hilarious as always.
The false Pope called conservative Catholics suicidal. That means at some point those who have faith will be arrested, detained and out into prison camps. And whatever comes from it.
Ummm no and no. There are some exceptions to this but the best kicker in the league isn't hugely better than the worst kicker in the league. Like I said there are some exceptions. If you know the kicker's name on a team that you don't follow, it's usually because he failed to do something.

That's not really true. Justin Tucker vs that guy the Bucs drafted in an early round, for example. Can't remember his name, but wow he was a bust, whereas Tucker has been exceptional for years (although his last year or two haven't been great).
Aguyao for the Bucs? Something like that?

Yeah, kicker isn't one of the sexy positions. But some teams have had terrible luck with their kickers and would vehemently disagree with you about the relative skill levels of league kickers.

I would tend to agree that your average NFL kickers are more interchangeable; not the top 5 or bottom 5, but all those guys in between. The best are usually clearly better, the worst tend to wash out pretty quickly, but there's normally at least 15-20 guys who are good-but-not-great.

It's probably more a matter of how much of an NFL fan someone is.

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