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  • Hey, how you do ? i like creating little music game but this one Harry Dresden come around and put a lot of video no MORE chance for us to find other video. maybe someone should tell him to let the other play ? someone like you ? LOL
    LOL, I just posted every song I have with more in the title. :)
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    boy you just dont get it that USMBS resident troll WRONGwinger is indeed a government paid shill who in fact knew all along the rams would move back to LA trolling my thread to keep a lid on it as instructed by his handlers.then again thats no surprise you wont accept it cause you are afraid f the truth 9/11 was an inside job so you only see what you WANT to see on that.
    and yeah,the relocation deadline is march 1st.feb15th and march 1st are the key dates to look for.feb15th makes sense because the rules state they have to wait till the season is over.check your pm cause i got more on this i cant post here.
    strange they never mentioned it there.but these are the key dates to look for.feb15th is when the announcement is expected to be made by them,then march 1st they are expected to be in LA for the ribbon cutting ceremeony.the feb15 date makes sense since it will be one week later after the superbowl.check your pm cause i got something longer to send you i cant post here.
    Yeah Im surprised you haven't heard about that ESPN rumor.every media outlet has seized on it even though goddel has not confirmed it. but even if its true,they keep ignoring the fact that goddel is powerless to stop him from moving which is his legal right,sheeesh..
    I usually get all my football news from I haven't seen anything about it there.
    I remember someone talking about there being a deadline for a team to move to LA, but not that it had anything to do with Goddell making a ruling.
    might try and explain that to your friend pooper that I have on my ignore list since logic and common sense never registers with him.
    btw,hope YOU are not falling for that rumor by ESPN that no teams can play in LA in 2015? Goddel is powerless to stop kroneke from moving.pete rozell told Baltimore colts owner Robert Irsey there would be no NFL team in Indianapolis in 1984.look what happened.Goddel is just as powerless to stop kronke as much as rozell was powerless to stop Irsey back then.
    Is there an ESPN rumor that says an NFL team can't play in LA in 2015 because of a ruling by Roger Goddell?
    here are 10 coaches that are easily far better coachs than him.1.rex ryan,2.john fox,3.andy reid,4.john harbaugh.5.mike tomlin.6.marvin lewis.7.pete carrol.8.jim harbaugh.9.ken whisenhunt.10.bruce ariens. nice fatasy
    been meaning to mention this but never got around to should start a comedy club the fact you really believe that belecheat is a good coach.loltom brady covers up how stupid he mentioned he is one of the top 3 best coachs.he isnt even in the top ten,without Brady,he is nothing.brady saved his coaching career from the toliet.He was a total zero in cleveland only having one winning season in 5
    this is from a Rams fan who grew up in LA.It’s amazing to see folks form opinions without any facts. LA had no problem supporting pro football. The Rams left Anaheim for 2 reasons. The owner, Georgia Frontiere was from St. Louis and the city of St. Louis promised her a new stadium with luxury boxes and the ability to sell PSL’s. Anaheim and LA would foot the bill for a new stadium. It all came down to bucks.
    Manic Al Davis kept threatening to move back to the Bay Area if he did not get a new stadium and the only city willing to pitch in some money was Irwindale and Davis did not want to be there. So out of spite towards the LA Coliseum commission he moved to Oakland in hopes if greener pastures. And to this day the city of LA will not pitch in one penny for a stadium. And that is a smart way of thinking.
    if the evil bitch georgia frontiere had not murdered her husband to be the new owner of the team,had her husband still be alive today,the rams would still be in LA. she even reversed the will her husband made out that after his death,his son would own the team.she was that evil..
    I know how gullible you are to what the CIA controlled media tells you how you swallow things from them hook,line,and sinker all the time so its no surprise that you have fallen for the myth and the lies that the bitch owner who murdered her husband to own the team had the media spread that LA is not a football my upcoming posts cause it dispells that myth.
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