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Happy or Not?

Adam's Apple

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Apr 25, 2004
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Happy, Happy, Happy!
By Tom Purcell, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
November 26, 2006

Happy? What do you mean am I happy? I read two interesting articles on happiness last week. Both suggest that Americans are struggling with the concept.

Are you nuts? Who could be happier than Americans? According to a Reuters article, young people in the developing world are. They're twice as likely to feel happy about their lives as young people in rich countries are -- rich countries such as America.

How the heck could that be? Young people in developing countries are optimistic about their future, whereas young people in rich countries are worried about their future. They feel tremendous pressure to succeed.

Pressure to succeed? Yes, it's an interesting phenomenon in rich countries. In a CNN article, Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert discussed it. He said longing for bigger, better and more does not make us happy.

But longing for bigger, better and more is the American way!

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