Hannity is already coving trump's retreat


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Mar 28, 2018
From the debates.

I fully expected this to happen. There's no way trump could handles debate in his condition.

Can you imagine the fallout if he went on some deranged rant about sharks, batteries, and windmills on nation TV?

Potato benefits from the possible debate(s) far more than Trump. The Biden campaign is in free fall.

So, I don’t give a damn if they have a debate or not.
Stay the course! Stuff the ballot boxes! Get the illegal aliens to vote! VOTE FOR JOE!!! We can't let the Fascist NAZI lover back in the White House! We'll all DIE in concentration camps!!!! I'll vote for a dead guy over Trump!!!

Effing lunatics. ^^^. How could ANYBODY actually believe this bullshit?

I'm losing faith in American's intelligence.

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