Govt budget shutdown due March 16. Will GOP use this to stop amnesty?


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May 13, 2012
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What? GOP stand up to lawless obozo? They could do it but of course they won't. They also are paid huge corporate bribes to support the invasion of their own country.

US Takes New Accounting Extraordinary Measures To Avoid Debt Ceiling What is USA

march 7 2015
On March 16 the US again reach its debt limit, although the Treasury has warned that if leverages various accounting measures can tailor their accounts to have funds until October or early November.

Lew stressed the importance of raising the debt ceiling, currently at 18.1 billion dollars, “without controversy and partisanship”.

In February last year, Congress agreed, after a sharp dispute between Republicans and Democrats, stop spending ceiling provided that controls public accounts were applied to 2021 and pick up the March 16 at the level where you are .

Previously, the confrontation between the two parties on public finances caused in October 2013 the federal government is forced to partially close their operations for 16 days.

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