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Government Funding of Reforestation versus Funding new Coal Mines

Jul 1, 2017
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Australia, my home country has two globally significant projects that are diametrically opposed in the futures they create.

The first is the Adani Coal mine, that both state and federal governments are funding. If it is built, it will emit 4.5 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases, and consume 26 million litres of water per day!! that otherwise have gone into Great Artesian Basin aquifer. Our Queensland state government is giving the water free for 70 years as soft funding. The federal government is giving $1bn for rail line from the northern sustainability fund.

The other project is arguably the world's largest Biodiverse Reforestation carbon sink project, run by Carbon Neutral. It restores ecosystems in degraded farmland that was 90% cleared and now is turning into desert. 10,000 hectares, 20 million trees already planted. It also produces local rural jobs and sequesters carbon.

The piece of activism I am asking of you US folks is to sign a global petition to protest against the coal mine, to ask governments to fund reforestation jobs not coal jobs it is addressed to Scott Pruitt at the EPA and Trump as well as the Aussie Prime Minister.

Your signature will count way more in Australia with our 22 million population and emission reduction will benefit you too.

Sign the petition to say yes to funding reforestation and no to another freaking Aussie coal mine
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