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GOP Sales Tax An Incentive For Only Re-Sale Things(?)! V. Socialist New Things Tax?


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Feb 22, 2009
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ABC This Week found a cat in fact to drag in on Sunday Morning. A National GOP frontrunner will propose a consumption tax, only on new things. It's in the Transcript.

Page 4: Transcript: GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain - ABC News

For the poor(?), used food will not be taxed(?)! Only. . .Apparently Socialist New Food will be taxed. Good, Wholesome, American foreclosure sales will not be taxed. Only apparently Socialist New Construction will be taxed.

Candidate Cain appears to have pointedly remarked that only new things will be taxed. So A household at $50,000 spends upwards of $11,700 per year for food, then the tax will be $10,053.00 in addition to any state and local taxes. A similiar expenditure from a household at $25,000.00 per year: Is about half of income, just for food. Then there is fuel--which is currently taxed. Then there are new clothes, which get taxed. Then there are local utilities

Hand-me-down houses would not seem a viable plan for an economic recovery. If rent gets taxed. . . .(?)! New housing is a stupid idea, all of a sudden.

Apparently there is hand-me-down food?

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Lands of Many Nations now soon have maybe Michael Jackson machines(?). One-Armed Bandits maybe not get taxed!)

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