Google finds and fires more Nazis


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Dec 12, 2014
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Google fired the Nazi's who took over an office for eight hours, previously and now after an internal investigation, has fired even more. The protestors want Israel eliminated.....Nazi's in every way shape and form.

SAN FRANCISCO — Google fired about 20 more workers whom it said participated in protests denouncing the company’s cloud computing deal with the Israeli government, bringing the total number of workers fired in the past week over the issue to more than 50, according to the activist group representing the workers.

A spokesperson for Google confirmed it had fired more workers after continuing its investigation into the April 16 protests, which included sit-ins at Google’s offices in New York City and Sunnyvale, Calif.
The firings come several days after chief executive Sundar Pichai told employees in a companywide memo that they should not use the company as a “personal platform” or “fight over disruptive issues or debate politics.”
At Google, the situation has become a public fight between Google managers and the fired employees. Google says that each worker it fired actively disrupted its offices, while the workers dispute the claims, saying some of those fired did not even enter the company’s office on the day of coordinated demonstrations against the company.

Google fired workers who willingly left the sit-in when asked by company officials, and also fired some workers who “had just stopped by to chat,” Hasan Ibraheem, one of the Google workers who was arrested and fired, said Monday during a news conference.

Before firing them, Google’s investigators worked to identify protesters, including those who were wearing masks and did not have their ID badges visible, said Google spokesperson Bailey Tomson. “Every single one of those whose employment was terminated was personally and definitively involved in disruptive activity inside our buildings. We carefully confirmed and reconfirmed this,” Tomson said.
After circulating a petition regarding Google’s work with Israel among other employees, Mohammad Khatami, one of the fired workers, said he was called into a meeting with human resources and “accused of supporting terrorism.”
“I have not been called a terrorist since I was a child, and at the zenith of software engineering at Google is where I’m hearing this terminology again,” Khatami said.

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Chalk Google up as, yet another, genocide supporter.

I sincerely doubt that the people who run Google, are big pro-Israel supporters, and are probably more likely to be the fashionable anti-Israel elitist snobs who look down their noses at average folks.

These people got fired for trying to control what their company does, or doesn't do. Funny thing about that, when you find out that in the private world, you don't always get to steer the ship.
Chalk Google up as, yet another, genocide supporter.
Looks like they want to take a non political position...............positions can affect the business bottom line.

Your opinion is every business should support your so called genocide?

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