Globalist Emmanuel Macron's popularity falls to 29% in France


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Feb 26, 2017
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Macron's popularity falls further in September: polls | Reuters

PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity fell further in September, adding to troubles afflicting his administration since the departure of high-profile ministers and a summer scandal over his bodyguard, two polls showed on Sunday.

Only 29 percent of those surveyed in September said they were satisfied with Macron, down from 34 percent last month and 39 percent two months ago, according to the Ifop poll for Le Journal du Dimanche.

A separate poll published on Sunday by OpinionWay for LCI showed that only 28 percent of the respondents in September were satisfied with Macron’s action, down from 35 percent in July.

The former investment banker won the 2017 election with 66.1 percent of the vote on a reformist project to modernize the euro zone’s second largest power. But many voters ranging from conservative pensioners to low-income workers complain that Macron’s policies mostly benefit companies and the rich.

The president was criticized last week for telling an unemployed man he could easily get a job if he tried.

Environment Minister Francois de Rugy told BFM-TV: “I take these polls as a spur. They remind us that we must act.

“Each time you want change, some people will oppose it. So you have two solutions - either you stop in hopes of being popular again or continue while listening to the French people."...

Another Leftist globalist elitist leader totally out of touch with reality and the people of his country.
Trump has put many of the world's leaders off balance. The success of his policies makes their public criticisms of him seem petty and disingenuous.

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