Gaza's Needs: Money To Rebuild & Female Soldiers


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Dec 5, 2008
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Hamas doesn't have the money needed to rebuild but they can scratch up the money to conduct training camps for female, female soldiers.

While a woman in Gaza is barred from smoking in a café, or walking in public unaccompanied by a male relative, she is permitted to join a military training camp. In the next war, Hamas and its allies will not be able to claim that these are civilians killed by Israel.

It is also worth noting that Hamas and the other armed groups always find the money to buy weapons and ammunition and run military training camps.

Hamas wants the international community to fund the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip under the pretext that it does not have the resources to participate in the effort. But when it comes to arming and training women and teenagers, Hamas and other Palestinian groups always seem to find enough money.

Yet this does not stop Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority from pursuing their effort to convince the world to support a Palestinian state where women and teenagers are being trained to become the next “martyrs” in the fight to destroy Israel.

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