"Funny or Die" or "Lie or Die?"


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Mar 27, 2010
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Yeah like these Hollywood elite would really be at a public school meeting? Even if they had kids, which I doubt, they would be in some private school, you and I could never HOPE to afford four our kids. What a joke.

Asside from that, I can comment on this really well, because I used to be a "boot on the ground" in that regard.

I used to go to Los Angeles Schools back in 1972-1976. Back in the "phat" days when there was plenty of money for the schools.

And let me tell you, even then those schools were TERRIBLE.

Let's put it this way. I moved from Oklahoma. The book we were using in FIRST GRADE as a reader, was our Fifth grade history book (Still remember the Title. It was called "My Country.")

The math we were doing in fifth grade, I had already done in second grade. It was THAT bad. They were two to three years BEHIND what I had been doing in Oklahoma. And Oklahoma isn't a stand out, because when I moved back to Ohio, I found the same to be true.

Besides this idea that the cuts go to education is a joke. The budget problems is not with education, but the bureaucracy.

You compare what gets spent for education and compare that to the School board and administrators, and you will find where the money is getting misspent.

And don't tell me money is the solution to education. I moved up to the upper Mohave to a school that had no lunch program because the cafeteria had been flooded and destroyed three years before (yes the desert does have floods rarely). They didn't have the money to fix it so every one had to brown bag it.

The school didn't have the a 10th of the money the Los Angeles district did, but it had FAR better education.

Education isn't about money. Compare a elementary school text book from the 1900s (and yes I used to have some, long story), and now. Despite the fact those were one room school houses, etc, the level education is what we have in COLLEGE NOW.

We don't need more money. We need to get rid of the 10 levels of bureacracy that suck off the cash and get in the way of education.

That's the problem with not only the School Systems in California, it's the problem with the state.

Don't blame Arnold. The problems that state has started when I lived there in the 70s, with Democrats who spend spend spend. Well the state is out of money, and they still act like they can keep spending.

And people are surprised there is no more money for the schools?
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