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Funny how Democrats and the Left now pretend to be anti Russia


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May 3, 2011
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At the time.. all of them.


In 2010, which of these people were still Bush appointees?

The Original Tree

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Dec 8, 2016
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Funny how Democrats and the Left now pretend to be anti Russia​

Have you been in a fucking coma the last 10 years? We Democrats have been yelling at Republicans since before 2016 because of your party colluding with Russia to destroy American Democracy.

Now sit down and be quiet.
Wasn't it Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton that hired Putin and The KGB to write a Dirty Dossier to help them defeat Trump in the 2016 election? They paid $13 Million for it.

When they got caught, Steele's Russian Agent contact, Skirpal and his daughter were nearly snuffed out to cover their tracks and tie up loose ends, same as The DemNazi party did Seth Rich when he exposed them for the fiends they are.

Russian Collusion is strictly the venue of The Democrat Party. Or do you forget the Russian Reset, and selling Putin 20% of our Uranium, and now even Biden is creating a back door deal for Putin to launder money, weapons, gas and oil through Iran, plus get a $10 Billion Dollar Bonus for helping Iran achieve Nuclear Weapons?

How is that, not Russian Collusion. It's slight of hand only you are too stupid and slow witted to see it.

Wasn't it odd that The Clintons, Obama, and McCain all took money from Putin after The Uranium One Deal was approved, and Putin through his company Rosatom swooped in and bought Uranium One. Clinton got $145 Million, Obama got $64 Million, and Kerry, McCain, Holder and others got unspecified donations.

Didn't Obama Bin Spying and Killery pay Al Queda to assassinate Qaddafi in Libya so that Russia could take over Libyan Oil fields?
Benghazi happened because Al Queda found out Obama and Killery were illegally running weapons out of The Benghazi outpost, so they attacked it and took the money and weapons for themselves.

Globalists are Evil, and Democrats walk Lock Step with Putin while talking tough against their puppet master, and doing nothing about him because he butters their bread.
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Mar 16, 2012
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The US bribed the Shah to massacre the Iranian people in 1953, destroying early elected democracy or Mosaddegh.
Tens of thousands were murdered.
The US bribed Gen. Sisi to massacre Egyptians in the 2013 coup against the elected president, Morsi.
There were trials of hundreds at a time, where Defendents were not even allowed to speak, and all were executed.
There were children executed who just happened to have the same name as an adult member of the Islamic Brotherhood.

This is the US technique.
We bribe some general to take over, and then we can pretend to be supporting democracy when we support a dictator.
Like Pinochet in Chile, and Diem in Vietnam.
Bullshit, the Shah never massacred his people, nor did Gen. Sissi. Gen Sissi took over when he realized his country was sinking into the abyss of Islamist, initiated by Obama‘s catastrophic “Arab Spring”.

The Shah left Iran BECAUSE he refused to massacre his people, despite the fact that some of his generals were begging him to do so. He was a true patriot and loved his people. You need to get your information from places other than Leftist propaganda hack websites.

Guess who’s best friends with, and supports Irans lunatic islamic mullahs, that routinely kill and torture their own people? Yup, the leadership of your beloved Democratic Party.

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