Fredrick Douglas who was an actual slave celebrated the 4th of July. Colin Kapernick...


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Mar 11, 2015
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” while you enslaved our ancestors.
Totally false accusation. I never enslaved any of his ancestors.

Fuck off, Colin.

Go demand reparations from the Democratic party coffers.
Leftism is the idea that we pay for sins we did not commit, to the people that never experienced them.

Or in other words, the ideology of free shit.
Yep... "MORE" free shit, because they've already gotten a ton of it already.

If blacks have learned anything, it's that all they have to do is riot, loot, burn down businesses and scream RACIST, and here comes more FREE SHIT and SPECIAL TREATMENT from the PANDERERS and CAPITULATORS. Why get an education and work for shit when they can get shit for free? That's what blacks have learned.
Whites have got free shit for 244 years. The same goes for special treatment.

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