For many Jews, “Never Again!” trumps “Never Trump!”

Biden’s horrible betrayal of Israel, in obstructing her determination to exterminate the HAMAS savages (done of course to win over Muslim votes), has some Jews who had sworn “Never Trump!” rethinking their position.

Why? Because if there‘s anything that scares never-Trump Jews more than the prospect of another Trump term, it’s the prospect of another Holocaust - or something approaching that. With antisemitic protests tolerated, if not outright supported, by leftists on college campuses, and Biden’s unwillingness to condemn the nightmarish treatment of Jews, Jews who were “never Trumpers” are considering a vote for Trump.

(Or, at least, “Never Biden!”)

How many remains to be seen, but if it’s even 10% in swing states, or even blue states!, it can spell the difference in the election.

No betrayal , just trying to stop them from going to far with this crusade. The rest of the world is telling them the same thing.

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