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Five reasons why it’s president romney


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Jul 5, 2011
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-The single-most important signifier in the history of American campaigns is “Economy/Jobs.” Under Obama, the nation’s performance in this area sucks. People know it. I can’t promise you Obama can’t get elected with these numbers, but I can promise you nobody ever has.

- The New York Times doesn’t want am accurate poll; they want the cheapest poll they can report by day-after-tomorrow. They do this by ignoring virtually all the tenets of a good poll in favor of quick/cheap/bad polls – which have an added advantage for the MSM: they polls guaranteed to yield liberal results.

- Remember the old electric Obama pre-election magic? “Under new management.” As will be the United States of America, in roughly two weeks.

Severin: Five Reasons Why It’s President Romney | TheBlaze.com

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