Five Quick Things: No, You Are Not Crazy


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Feb 16, 2016
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Five Quick Things: No, You Are Not Crazy
After the way Americans have been censored, gaslighted, and lied to, no one is obligated to accept anyone’s narrative anymore.

Five Quick Things: No, You Are Not Crazy | The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
1 Dec2020 ~~ By Scott McKay

Over the weekend, conservative Christian blogger and podcaster Brannon Howse, who has been denounced by the leftist media repeatedly over the past two decades as a conspiracy kook, generated quite a bit of attention for a bombshell interview he conducted with Gens. Tom McInerney and Mike Flynn.
It was Flynn’s first interview since being pardoned by President Trump. In the years since he was attacked by the FBI for having committed no crime in a politicized prosecution that stands out as one of the most egregious injustices in modern American history, he had been mostly silent in media interviews. But no longer.
Flynn, a long-time military intelligence specialist who was President Trump’s designee for National Security Adviser, and McInerney, who was the head of NORAD and rose to the No. 3 position in the U.S. Air Force, both lent their support to the Sidney Powell narrative of American elections corrupted by foreign sources through software manipulation of Dominion Voting Systems machines. The narrative no doubt reads like a David Baldacci or Tom Clancy novel; one is quite justified in thinking that it sounds a bit crazy.
McInerney even echoed the story, which has been posited on social media and in the conservative blogosphere, that a Frankfurt, Germany server farm was the scene of a firefight between Special Forces operators and CIA personnel over a raid to seize those servers.
This column neither endorses nor disputes what McInerney or Flynn said in the interview. I don’t presume to have enough information to know how far to the wild side Powell’s tale can go while still being taken seriously.
1. The Death of Media Curiosity
Most of the predicate behind what Powell is saying about Dominion and the software companies counting votes in the 2020 election is not new. Nor is it even Republican. The alarm bells behind Dominion machines and the vote tabulation software were sounded nearly two decades ago when the brand name on those machines was Diebold and Democrats threw a fit over suggested irregularities in the 2000 and 2004 elections.
2. What is Evidence, Anymore?
Over and over again you hear from Democrat politicians and media mouthpieces that there is “no evidence” behind the accusations of a stolen election.
This is an absolute lie. It’s a malicious lie, one that threatens to make it impossible for any factual consensus to be had within our national discussion in the future.
3. Two Plus Two Equals Five
Then there are the outright lies.
Hunter Biden’s laptop was a treasure trove of hard evidence of serious corruption. When the stories of that evidence weren’t being completely suppressed by both the legacy corporate media and the social media overlords, we were instead fed deliberate falsehoods. For example, that the whole story of what was on that laptop was Russian disinformation — something cooked up by the same people who cooked up the Trump–Russia collusion lie.
Take the various COVID-19 narratives as another example. You’re being told you must wear a mask even inside your house, or else you’ll kill Grandma. And it’s an item of faith among Democrats and their media allies that economic shutdowns are the only way to stop the virus. Also that asymptomatic spread of the virus is rampant and that there is no effective treatment for it.
4. Corruption For Thee, But Not For Me
On one hand there’s the Trump–Russia collusion hoax and the Trump tax return fiasco. On the other hand there’s FISAgate, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton emails, the weaponization of the IRS, and practically everything else the Obama administration did.
The legacy corporate media called the Obama administration the most “scandal-free” in memory, something that should have put to bed any notion of their credibility. Those same people, who ignored Tara Reade, the Hunter Biden laptop and Tony Bobulinski, the Andrew Cuomo nursing home COVID deaths, Extortion 17, Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein (until it was no longer possible to ignore them), the East Anglia emails, and practically every other scandal involving Democrat politicians and causes over the past decade and more, are now calling the theft of the 2020 election unsubstantiated.
5. They Created 2020, And Now They Can Live In It
The year we are ending didn’t just happen out of the blue. Twenty-twenty is the culmination of a very long chain of events going back 30 years or more.
It’s the culmination of 30 years of coddling Chinese communists and allowing them influence over pop culture, our news media, our political class, corporate America, our technology industry, and our economy without imposing any of our standards on them.
It’s the culmination of well more than 30 years of the Left wrecking our institutions with critical theory, poisoning the American people against our traditions and power structure with crackpot advocacy and idiotic double standards.
Everyone in America knows the system is sick. Everyone understands we are in decline. We all know our institutions are failing. And yet they want us to believe the rout of our way of life can’t manifest itself in a Third World stolen election?
Anyone who believes what Sidney Powell is saying, stand up and tell the world. You’re entitled. Fly that freak flag. They lost the ability to call you a kook long ago.

Actually the coddling of Chinese communists began with the Nixon visit in 1972. Enough of this fairy tale that what he did was diplomatic brilliance it was the beginning of the long-term surrender to a regime that was entitled to nothing (but of course the Left had been wanting to see Mao Zedong legitimized since 1949 which was why they were willing to applaud him for it).
Indeed, the U.S. was in the middle of an exceedingly dangerous cold war with the USSR, which was being fought through proxy wars and revolutions throughout the third world, espionage, and a lot of brinksmanship. China was a poor, agrarian country that happened to have nukes, and the idea was to put a wedge between them and the Soviet Union. No one, particularly Nixon, who was a staunch anti-communist, had any illusions about the nature of Mao and his party. It wasn't until after the economic reforms of Deng Xiaoping in 1978 that Jimmy Carter latched on to the idea of political reform through trade; influenced in no small way by the prospect of huge financial and political opportunities in a new labor and consumer market of 1 billion people. And those incentives became a corrupting force that fueled the rationales, wishful thinking, and willful blindness that got us where we are now.

Retired Colonel Waldren---an army cyber warfare expert, adept at manipulating public opinion and elections, testified twice in public before the PA and AZ legislative committees under oath.

Waldren's CV is impressive. But his evidence was even more compelling. During the election on November 3rd, his team monitored the communications of Dominion voting machines and servers.

Then he showed the public a mapping of the communications from that night.
There for all to see was all the communication pathways the machines took that night.
The proof was incontrovertible: the Dominion machines ARE connected to the internet---despite denials by officials, Media, and Dominion hacks. The Dominion machines were all "talking" to each other that night. The Dominion machines WERE sending packets of information to Frankfurt, Germany.
The coup de grace was Waldren's testimony that Dominion's software---and how it is designed to be "malleable."
Meanwhile hundreds of small teams of cyber security experts have come to similar conclusions.
Indeed for more than a decade computer scientists have been warning anyone who would listen that this software is as secure as a sieve. Notable Democrat politicians like Sen. WarrenD- MA(), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Mark Warner (D-VA), Jack Reed (D-RI) and Gary Peters (D-MI), have questioned the legitimacy of the electronic voting machines such as Diebold and Domini
Add the fact that a lot of people in power have now looked the other way on this issue.
That the FBI and DOJ are NOWHERE to be found....despite sworn eye witness testimony to fraud that numbers in the thousands.
That the CIA certainly should have known about the danger to national security these machines posed.
Now, either everyone involved is a freakin idiot with the collective IQ of a GD signpost...or there is a criminal conspiracy afoot.
This is not controversial.


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Mar 23, 2013
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The Real World
It shouldn't be controversial, and liberals would have to have a frontal lobe to be as intellectual as a sign post. Sign posts have the capacity to be informative with a little help.

Libturds? Not so much.


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Oct 1, 2019
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Anyone watching these hearings are watching Evidence of a Historic and Massive Election Fraud, but more than that, it looks like a Coordinated COUP and overthrow attempt of our Democracy.
Kinda like the RussianHoax????...Impeachment hoax???????.....25th Amendment hoax???????.................The 2 scoops of ice cream hoax???

How on Earth could one believe there was a coordinated pre-planned election hoax for Amerika to chew on.

That could not happen.

We need to build a special prison to house about 1000 traitors and a noose man. And plenty of scaffold lumber and rope.


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May 14, 2010
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Trumpsters have every right to fight for justice, as well they should. There have been a few items brought up that I found interesting. The Pennsylvania issue of accepting mail-in ballots after polls closed is one I wished would have been ruled in Trump's favor. Their lawsuit last week regarding mail-in ballots being unconstitutional was interesting until I looked and saw the measure was approved more than a year before the election which then suddenly became obvious that one wasn't going anywhere. The issues raised here in Arizona didn't amount to a hill of beans.

Our legal system looks upon these things on a case-by-case basis and weighs the facts. When Giuliani says don't look at these individual cases but instead pushes a conspiracy theory it strikes me more as sleight of hand deception and indicates to me that facts aren't on his side and he has no evidence.

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