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Fake News Hires Another Liar

Ricky LIbtardo

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Jul 22, 2016
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So if you flat out lie under oath in a Congressional hearing, are a flat out partisan hack for Obama and Hillaryous who knew the unmasking was going on, and hate Trump, CNN will give you a job where all you have to do is come on air and bash the President to collect a pay check.

This kind of partisan hack is what passes as moral authority at fake news. It doesn't embarrass CNN because if they had to fire all the known liars on their payroll they couldn't fill two hours a day with commentary. And everyone knows you can't embarrass an organization with no moral standards to begin with.

Trump needs to go after these bastards with everything he has. Relentlessly pound them on Twitter and at his rallies where he can bypass the liars who parse his every word and distort them to purposely fuel division.

Trump is correct, Clapper is a hack and Fake News does more to divide this country than anything he does.
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