Fake Covid-19 pandemic. German Lawyer Beate Bahner sewerly beaten by police and take to psych ward.


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Sep 19, 2008
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Everyone who does not believe in the Fake Corona pandemic shall be take to a psychiatric hospital, today still severly beaten, tomorrow of course murdered by police.
Germany and Switzerland, April 13th, 2020. Which proves we need to know anything is fake, NWO is gonna to destroy our industries, to imprison us and later to kill by 'vaccine' of Bill Gates.
No one German MS presstitue has reported about the unbelievable mistreatment of human rights by Merkel Criminal NWO Gang.
Today psychiatric punishment is tested in Germany, tomorrow it arrives to the US, be sure.

The Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (RNZ) newspaper reports that the Heidelberg lawyer Beate Bahner, who applied for an urgent decision against the Corona Ordinances before the Federal Constitutional Court, and thus failed, was taken to a psychiatric institution on Sunday evening. Bahner herself complains of forced admission under massive violence. According to google, other news portals or media did not have anything on the subject on Monday evening.
"She made a very confused impression", a police spokesperson explained the action to the RNZ. In the meantime, the article could no longer be accessed on the newspaper's website. The only way to find the basic statement - the admission to a psychiatric clinic - was via the google archive. In the meantime the article is online again - it is only an old article with the psychiatric admission as an update. There it says that she published a "resurrection decree" on her website and declared the shutdown to be over. But on the lawyer's page there are almost only error messages at the moment (link here).

On the internet there is an audio message, apparently coming from Bahner directly from the isolation ward and addressed to her sister, in which she tells quite calmly and not confusedly how she was ambushed by a car and how police brutally attacked her during her arrest (listen to it via this link): "The police came, they handcuffed me, in the back, pressed me to the floor, rolled me in the dirt, used massive police violence. ...then they took me to the psychiatric ward, then I asked them to let me sit down, then the policeman said, sit down, there is a bench here, then he pushed me down on the floor and slammed my head from a height of one meter onto the stone floor, I still haven't been able to get it bandaged...then four of them carried me to the doctor... I didn't get a lawyer, I wasn't allowed to call anybody... then they forced me to stay all night in the Guantanamo high security wing of the psychiatric hospital... I was on the floor, no toilet, a sink, no soap, no towel, nothing else..."
Although she is held for almost 24 hours, there is still no court order, Bahner said in the audio message. In the meantime, however, she has been provided with a bed and other comforts. She further speaks of "tyranny" and a worldwide "fake" with Corona - the virus and the measures against it she obviously considers a conspiracy. Even if one does not share this view of her and considers it extreme, the question is whether it justifies forced admission to a psychiatric hospital. It is above all totalitarian regimes that are known to have used such methods; in the Soviet Union and the GDR, for example, such admissions were secondarily common practice in dealing with people who too openly and actively criticised or even fought against socialism, which was scientifically proven from the point of view of those in power at the time.

On the lawyer's channel in the social network "telegram" it says: "Beate Bahner was arrested on Easter Sunday at 7.30 p.m., severely mistreated by the police and held in a high-security prison, offshoot psychiatric hospital Heidelberg for 24 hours. Now imprisoned until further notice in the closed new "isolation ward" of the Heidelberg psychiatric hospital after her willingness to wear mouthguards there. This ward is actually for depression patients and is completely empty. There is no court order or public prosecutor's investigation. Please share this message together with the voice message."

I will continue to monitor the situation and update it here if necessary. Police investigations were initiated against Bahner following her announcement that she was going to file a constitutional complaint, because she had called for a demonstration against the Corona measures. The police visited her in her office and switched off her website. The lawyer reacted very emotionally, spoke of a dictatorship in Germany and returned her license to practice law (for details see here and here).

A few days before this incident, Saxony announced that they would put quarantine refusers in psychiatric hospitals. "The state has vacated nearly two dozen rooms in psychiatric clinics where the police will guard those who cannot be taught," reports the newspaper Die Welt. And further: "In Saxony, anyone who refuses the order of domestic quarantine can be detained in a psychiatric clinic since Thursday. ""It is important for all our health and lives that people comply with the quarantine orders of the health authorities," the MDR quotes the state's Minister of Social Affairs, Petra Köpping (SPD).

The Regensburg Professor of Political Science Jerzy Maćkóv commented this news on facebook as follows: "Tchaadayev was the name of the philosopher who criticised Russia's history and was declared insane by the Tsar in return and was subsequently forced to undergo regular medical examinations.
Communists in the Soviet Union, as is well known, took similar action against their critics - a continuity that speaks volumes.
Now comes the harrowing sequel - legally sanctioned."

In Switzerland, too, police arrested a 58-year-old doctor on Saturday and admitted him to a psychiatric clinic, who had previously written corona-sceptical tweets, according to the portal "20 Minuten". According to the police, he has spread threats against family members and authorities.

Google and Youtube delete videos and information continuously, hopefully it will be not quickly remove.


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