Extended UEC - Everything that's wrong with Congress


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Apr 12, 2012
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If you want a crystal-clear example of what's wrong with Congress, and why we need term limits, I give you the current debate on extended unemployment benefits.

I am reminded of the old and vulgar joke asking the question, Why do dogs lick their balls?

Because they CAN!

Why would Congress vote to spend billions of dollars that THEY DON'T HAVE, knowing that the expenditure will discourage the long-term unemployed from adjusting to their new circumstances and getting a job?

It has nothing to do with FAIRNESS. UEC is an insurance program. You pay your premiums, and you get paid when you lose your job. For 26 weeks. Done. End of story. See ya later. At the end of 26 weeks, you have maxed out your entitlement and are on welfare.

If the objective is to get money out into the economy in order to prime the pump (the only half-rational argument they can muster), there are LOTS of ways to get money out into the economy, and it wouldn't be any great challenge to give it to people who are more deserving, or people who will use it more effectively (i.e., small businesses).

The idea that people are out there diligently looking for work while drawing extended UEC is DIS-proven by years and years of data from past experience with extended benefits. In my own circle of friends I can count four who magically found work with a few short weeks of when their bennies ran out. It wasn't the job of their dreams, but that's not the deal, is it? Just yesterday I was talking to a guy who got laid off last week, and was contacted by an auto parts outfit to see if he wanted to come and work for them as a counter man (worked there many years ago). "Fuck that," he said. "I can make as much money on unemployment as I would there, and I don't have to spend gas money to get to work!"

Not to be overly partisan, but these fucking Democrats must have balls the size of pumpkins to keep trying to prove their "compassion" with money stolen from our children and grandchildren. And the people actually BUY IT!




And come November, any Republicans who try to hold out on this and act like responsible public servants will be flogged with their "lack of compassion."

It turns my stomach.

Term limits. It's time.

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