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Oct 16, 2012
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Buffalo, NY
Hey guys..

I have been posting on the world wide web since 2004 when I joined the Buffalo Range. I joined the Range to post about Buffalo sports and ended up falling in love with their PRS fourm (politics, religion and sex)

It was a Left leaning forum but I enjoyed it. As a Moderate Republican I wasn’t looking for a pointless cheerleading squad of simple minded Conservative Republicans. I wanted to hear what the other side had to say and have discussions with them.

I respect the owner of that site but I don’t respect what happened there in the last few months. Many of the original posters were permanently banned and the forum turned into an advertisement for the most embarrassing form of stereotypical Right winger.

Just painfully sad posting that was the equivalent of say, Rush Limbaugh’s mentally delayed step brother broadcasting from the back of a pickup where he and his sister/wife live. Regardless of my obvious hyperbole, the posting has become mindless talking points of ZERO substance.

There are two maybe three consistent posters now, but basically one clown that spams the forum with his 80,000 posts. He posts a dozen article links each day weighing down the forum. I’m over it.

I’m here at The US Message Board hoping to discuss politics and much more. I just applied for my pistol permit in NY and I am interested in hearing what people have to say about conspiracy theories and survivalist topics. Are those topic discussed here?

I have been a regular contributor over at the other place in their fund raising attempts, and probably will still contribute due to the Hockey and Football forum. I’m hoping the US Message Board will become my new addiction. I desire to learn from those who think both differently and likewise.

It’s a little intimidating getting involved in a new online community but I’m ready! :up:


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May 3, 2011
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My house
Welcome to USMB, Rockstar. Hope you enjoy the boards!

I too have been the victim of posting on one-sided forums for 5 years. Only they were not conservative, but advertisements for leftism, and all conservatives were driven away after months of constant criticism, pounding, snubbing, then flat-out shunning.

I hope you feel ok here. I was at one forum once where I truly loved the posts of a person named Rockstar. She was 100% wonderful. It's a catchy name, though, and whoever you are I hope you find a good discussion home. This one was a good one for me due to the caliber of most of the posters here.
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Mar 28, 2007
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Charleston, SC
"Excited New Member..."

That joke is just too easy...

Ah to Hell with it...

So you're a dick?

But seriously...

Give it a week, then we'll see how excited you are...

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