Europe is Laughing at "US"

Everybody's laughing at America now.

I've therefore adopted the pronouns they and them.

I want no part in that whole ''us'' gag.

There is no ''us'' any more.

This administration is brazenly waging war against the very fabric of the Republic itself in an effort to undermine it.
You mean like a US President who invites Putin to invade Europe and says he won’t lift a finger?
Europe has already set its course on war or self-capitulation due to its immigration and excessive social policies. Putin knows this. He knows there are globalists and their henchmen including here who speak to exterminate the white race. And on these forums, it is said. He is not going to allow it. Either he or someone who follow him will makes sure that if the whites go, we all go. Now that's equality.
Thanks to the OP for my first laughter today.

It's wonderful that we live in a country where we are allowed to watch such a funny and disrespectful video.

In North Korea, some youths were recently publicly punished for just listening to South Korean music!

You can imagine what would happen if a similar video about the leader were shown in China or Russia or Iran or Saudi Arabia or ...
That was a hoot, really enjoyed it.

Do I care what Europe thinks of us? Not personally but only in terms in their support of our policies. The way I figure it, America's Century came to an end back in 2003.

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