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Enterprise rental cars - Helping in evacuations... the better rental company


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Aug 19, 2010
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My daughter and her 1 1/2 year old and husband were vacationing in Indian Shores, FL.
Direct hit, and literally the worst possible place to be in Florida right now.
Last night at 6:45pm my daughter calls me and they can't get to the airport. Their flight left at 6:00am this morning and no taxi services, Uber/Lyft all totally booked with no guarantees they can pick up anymore people.
Enter Enterprise rental to the rescue.
They moved cars from all around the area to the Tampa area and began renting cars to people by the hour so they can get to the airport. They had staff at the airport waiting to pick keys back up. They stayed open 24 hours to provide this service. No other rental car service in the area did this.
And they didn't dick people with high cost just for the hour. It was reasonable.
Then Enterprise worked with Uber/Lyft to provide people a way to get to their rental lots.
My daughter and her family were picked up at 2am this morning and made it to the airport.

Great customer service.

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