Enemies Drool: An Alarming Media Trend...Viewers Speak Up


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Jul 15, 2013
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Carefully-stoked Operation Divide and Conquer rears one of its hundred heads again..

With our enemies stoking the internet and the 24-hour media franchise feeding off the internet "buzz" like pigs at a trough and passing it out their backend all neating compacted with their iconic brand of toxins for us to feed on in soundbites.., we need a voice of moderation; lest we become exactly the type of hoodwinked chumps our true enemies are grooming us to be with clever use of byting our heels...like cattle dogs..

Fun fact, a foreign muslim Prince owns I think a controlling monopoly on media in the US. Which is forbidden by federal laws but through proxies is happening anyway..

Ok, where was I? Oh, yes, I guess quite simply put I will put in what I'd like to view less of and more of respectively.

On Fox, (the de facto voice of the conservative right), I'd like to see:

1. Less climate change denial (at this point everyone on US Coast settlements...ie most people... know as the ocean advances closer to their highways and foundations and you're just looking stupid)

2. Less (please, I beg you) "we hate Obama and here's why"...a topic that fills the majority of time on most of Fox's shows to the point of nausea.

3. More guarded caution of reporting terror attacks abroad. All spooking the herd will do is play directly into the hands of our enemies. Noted for the record, no Chinese or Russians are being attacked by ISIS..Do the math..

On MSNBC (the de facto voice of the liberal left)

1. Less sabotaging attacks on political and famous figures for expressing their free speech to disagree with gay marriage.

2. Less stoking of racial tensions to give a certain host or two hosts rather "a refresh on 1960s civil rights issues" in a politically-expedient way for certain agendas this network is obviously working on. Fun fact, the popularly-voted President of the United States is black. Time to turn the fire down on the simmer pot instead of up as it suits your purposes..

3. More coverage on the raw and base science of climate change.

Those are just some of my pet peeves with an imploding media drawing swords to go to war, where the civil unrest foisted upon America will make our unity the main casualty thereof..

What are your pet peeves with the 24-hour media francise?

Oh and to both networks, maybe you could combine your resources and get a 24-hour closeup Google Earth link so everyone can more closely watch the progression of ISIS as it reportedly does the things its doing. That truly would be news, eh? I'm talking the kind of resolution where you can see the dust grains on a gnat's ass from the distance of the moon. :up:
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