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Election Day 2019


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May 13, 2012
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West of East
Tommy, Wales is in real trouble. The EU will no longer provide Wales with the huge financial assistance it has been giving it and Boris Johnson doesn't have the budget to match what the EU was giving Wales. How will Wales survive?

Does this mean you may have to get a job and start supporting yourself?


Well....they can always sell some of the extra letters they put in Welsh names......
That wouldn't generate enough revenue to keep Tommy supplied with Spotted Dick (a pudding made from suet - fat).

I would have thought that the Welsh might generate some revenue selling their sheep but it would appear that they are quite attached to them. If you don't believe me just ask any Englishman how much the Welsh love their sheep.

Sadly Wales is going to have to find someone to help them given that they have been unable to help themselves to this point and that they are totally unprepared to live without welfare.


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