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Duh..which is a bigger number $600 billion or $1.5 billion?


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Sep 19, 2011
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Stupid question right?
But why did Obamacare include a 10% tax on tanning salons because there was some connection between tanning and the $1.5 billion in skin cancer costs per year..
In 2004, the total direct cost associated with the treatment for
non-melanoma skin cancer was $1.5 billion.8
Skin cancer | http://www.aad.org
BUT NOTHING in Obamacare
regarding the $100 billion a year lawyers make from lawsuits which in turn from the providers own statements cost over $600 billion a year in duplicate tests, specialist opinions, i.e. DEFENSIVE MEDICINE"!

Why are the majority of you so in favor of taxing tanning salons which cost supposedly $1.5 billion in skin cancer but totally ignoring the $100 billion made by lawyers from lawsuits and the $600 billion a year in defensive medicine costs?
"In a recent letter to the Wall Street Journal, a Texas doctor described how, since being
unsuccessfully sued in 1995, he has "doubled and tripled the number of tests and consultations that I order."
But the orthopedic hospital would not accept month-old test results,
nor even an explicit waiver by me of any liability. The result was pure waste:
more than $1,000 spent on wholly unnecessary tests.
Philip K. Howard - Medical Tort Reform Could Save Billions

Overall, 91 percent of doctors surveyed agreed with both statements.


"Defensive medicine is when doctors order multiple tests, MRIs and other procedures, not because the patient needs them, but to protect against litigation based on allegations that something should have been done but wasnÂ’t.
Experts estimate as much as $300 billion in unnecessary costs is attributable to defensive medicine.
Besides more time-consuming appointments, patients are left with fewer services and less access to quality care as doctors either narrow their practices or leave the profession entirely."

Are the majority of you that politically ideologically bound to follow like lemmings what ever Obama says because he is the Messiah is right?

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