Do YOU know what E85 is?


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Apr 23, 2004
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I thought some might enjoy this local story. It is a little old by standards, but I was debating on posting it at all. I guess some might find it reassuring.

First off, MN Attorney General Mike Hatch is running for governor against Republican incumbent Tim Pawlenty. Hatch is also currently under investigation for influence pedaling and threatening a judge. So, say he's elected, and then indicted, then guess who becomes Governor? The Lt. Governor. If she is THAT stupid that she doesn't even know what E85 is (especially since MN is the largest producer, even I knew that), how can she run the state?

Anyway, here's the story with the actual dialogue with Judi Dutcher's words.
Ethanol is big business in Minnesota. So is E85 fuel, a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent petroleum. Many official state vehicles now use that fuel and more E85 vehicles are coming on the market all the time.

So it was surprising when one candidate for statewide office seemed to have little--if any--knowledge of E85.

DFL Lt. Gov. candidate Judi Dutcher campaigned around the state Tuesday. When she got to Alexandria, a local television reporter from KSAX asked her about E85.

Dutcher: "E85...The Job Z zones you're talking about?"

Reporter: "I'm just basically asking about E85 in general, how we've turned around a lot economies out here, saved some small towns...

Dutcher: Can't even comment on it, I'm sorry. It's like you've asked me the college quiz bowl question. What is E85?

Reporter: That's fine, that's fine.

Dutcher: What is it?

Reporter: E85, the gas.

Dutcher: E85 gas...

Dutcher: "He's asking me about E85 gas. It's like the college...

Man off camera: It's Ethanol.

Dutcher: Thank you, Thank you. What has he said about ethanol?

Man off camera: Oh, Mike [Hatch]? He's 100 percent for ethanol.

Dutcher: Yea, but, I can't tell you specific programs. I'm sorry. I bombed out. Sorry."

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS showed the videotape to Daryn McBeth, the executive director of the Minnesota Agri-Growth Council which promotes Minnesota Agriculture.

"A politician, someone running for public office who doesn't know about E85 is...I'm shocked."

He was also surprised when Dutcher didn't seem to know the Hatch campaign position on ethanol policy.

"Minnesota is the leading state producing ethanol. We have more E85 stations than any other state," McBeth said.

In fact, Minnesota now has 300 gas stations pumping E85--by far the most in the nation.

But Robert Moffitt, of the American Lung Association, which promotes the cleaner-burning E85 fuel, says Dutcher isn't the only one without much awareness of E85.
Moffitt: "It's surprising though, even with as much attention on E85 how many people say, E85, what's that?"

Still, McBeth said all candidates should know more about this important issue to farmers.

"I'm still sitting here stuttering because I'm surprised someone didn't know, in her position, what E85 is," McBeth said.

The Hatch campaign did release a statement late Wednesday.

"It should not be expected that a candidate for Lieutenant Governor who has served the past four years in the private sector, know all the issues."

Funny, I have been in the 'private sector' all my life and I still know what most of the issues are.

Most say this screw-up bagged the election for Pawlenty.

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