Do You Have A favorite One Hit Wonder Tune?

Last night I was zeroing a micrometer in my shop when I heard a tune come out of the radio that caught my attention. In that deathly silence both in & around my shop/office(surrounded by endless tillable acreage) I have a tiny radio that I keep @ low volume, just to break the silence. It took a few seconds into the tune for me to realize that I had heard the tune before but I completely failed to be able to I.D. the name of the tune, the band/artists, era & even the genre. The tune ended & another tune immediately followed it but to my amazement the preceding tune stuck in my head.

ESPECIALLY the word "CHEATER". I could not get the tune out of my head so headed into the office, brought up YouTube & typed in "cheater song". It popped up in order of #1 & #3. The name of tune is called "Look Out For The Cheater". Obviously dated by modern music standards that is created by professional musicians but hey it goes to show that even a no name little garage band can land one, in the top 40 no less!

That was a big hit by Bob Kuban and the In-Men, a St. Louis group from the 60s. They had one other sort of hit i think, The Teaser, and an interesting side story....their great lead singer, Walter Scott, was murdered by his wife's lover in the 80s and made for a big big unsolved mystery for many years.
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I thought of various pop/rock/dance hits like Funkytown, I Must Increase My Bust, They're Coming to Take Me Away, In a A Gatta Da Vita, etc. But there's one that stands out because it's classical music. My music collection is mostly folk, rock, pop, country, etc.
Yes, and I don't know of a better song in your category.

This is one of my favorite songs! Better version here. When I got in trouble once in a another forum- i would post this to the guys over in charge there.
ha- Did it work out ok- hell yeah. They became great friends till this day-
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Not my favorite song, but sometimes I can't get "Two of Hearts" by Stacey Q out of my head.

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