Do you ever find yourself in other places?

Pedro de San Patricio

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Feb 14, 2015
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It doesn't matter what I'm doing. Sometimes I'll be playing on the computer, or reading, or running on the track. It doesn't matter. I'll see... things. The exact nature of the vision changes but it's always vivid. It's like I'm really somewhere else entirely. I can feel and hear and smell what I'm seeing. I can feel the air around me, or pain if I get hurt. I think they only ever last for maybe five minutes at the most and then I'm back in myself again. It used to disturb me - both how real they feel and how unpredictable they can be. Sometimes they can become... ominous. I'm used to it now. Well, I'm as used to it as I can be. I don't remember when they first started happening, or even if there was a definite beginning. I just remember that I started writing them down as soon as possible starting in tech school. Here's the latest:

"A mesa of black glass towers over the burning cold rock and dust against a starry sky. The air is thin here. It's hard to breathe. I try to walk towards it but it stays the same distance away. I can't even tell how far it is. I quicken my pace and bound across the dark ground towards it. I don't know why I feel driven to approach but the urge is undeniable. My lungs burn with the strain but I push through, pushing off one foot as soon as the other lands. The shadow grows over me but the mesa comes no closer. It's even colder here. The dusty rock has become obsidian and shines in the faint starlight. My foot catches under me. I'm falling. Hands outstretched and ready to push back against the ground and recover. I hit the ground and find myself back in the dorm. How long have I been gone?"

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