Difficult situation for the Dems


Aug 9, 2004
I see the Democrats as in a very bad situation for the next 2 years. I have 4 reasons.

1) The left is demanding an impeachment of Bush, but the democrats are saying it wont happen. If they do pursue an impeachment, the moderates and conservatives in the country will rally and give the democrats the boot. If they dont, their base will be seriously pissed off and might not get out enough in 2008 to keep the democrats in a majority.

2) The left is demanding an immediate end to the war in Iraq. If democrats cut off funding to the war and force a withdrawl, the middle and right will feel as if we've been defeated in Iraq. On top of this, the propaganda that would come from al Qaeda and Iran after the withdrawl is done will cause the democrats to lose in 2008. If they dont force a withdrawl, the left will be very pissed off and might not show up to vote in 2008.

3) If a recession starts after the democrats raise taxes it will be fuel for the GOP to show that raising taxes is bad for the economy.

4) The democrats are threatening to close Gitmo, cancel parts of the patriot act, stop the NSA wiretapping, etc. If they do this and there's even a minor jihadist attack (similar to 1995 OKC), the democrats will face a crushing defeat in 2008 and might not recover for a decade or more.

Everything is not all shits and giggles within the democrat party today. They are facing some very serious challenges that the GOP might be able to use in 2008. In the meantime the conservatives need to take charge of the republicans and push an agenda that will get us back in power.
I second insein's welcome and comments on your post.

It's almost enough to make a person think that this is part of some devious Rovian plan... if I believed in such that is....

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