Debate Now Did Trump Really Violate The Law?

I tried with you but I give up. You just don't listen that's the problem. 🙄
That quick?

I've answered every single premise I could ascertain. Giving you my opinion to all of them.

On the other hand, you ignored most of mine. Didn't bother... evade if you will. You accuse me of missing your point. While I'm quoting myself making that same point in the previous post. And quoting you saying the opposite in the one before that.

You said you are capable of admitting you're wrong, and I even saw you do it once. But it seems to me that when confronted by someone who directly answers your questions you now want to run. After 3 posts. It's of course your choice. But maybe, just maybe you should reread my posts and try to actually listen to me with the open mind you claim to possess.

I'll put it like this. I think I can put in my own words every premise you think you have. Can you honestly claim you can do the same.
Its pretty much unheard of that a candidate of a major party for President would partake in such behavior. I know it's a foreign concept to you but there is this thing called decency.

1. Bill Clinton
2. Are you saying prostitution is immoral? I do, but most leftists don't.
1. Bill Clinton
2. Are you saying prostitution is immoral? I do, but most leftists don't.
Are you saying you want your kids to grow up to be like your idol Trump...3 times married, paying off porn stars, god only knows how many affairs, partying with pedophiles, making fun of handicapped people... I would think most people would want better from their kids. MAGA folks...they award merit badges for that sort of behavior.
Ahh, now you're just rage posting. So sad.

I'll be taking my victory lap now.


1. Stay on topic. (This means no deflection in changing the subject. Even if you can't answer a question.)

2. No lying and saying that a poster said something that they didn't and take their words out of context.

That's pretty much all I can think of actually. So, anyways, how did Trump violate the law by having sex with a porn star? Also, how does this even have anything to do with falsifying business records?
I believe the lawfare imbeciles are contending he misused campaign funds by paying Stormy a NDA via Cohen. Is that even a felony? Of course, Cohen has testified that he paid her out of his own pocket. It seems to me that the democrats are intentionally muddying the waters with “porn star” and “cheating on his pregnant wife” to get an emotional response from useful idiots who can be easily manipulated.

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