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Did Biden & Deep State Dems Steal Another Election In Peru??


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Jun 6, 2018
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"The official result has yet to be declared but Pedro Castillo appears all but certain to be Peru’s next president. The radical-left outsider will face an uphill struggle to unite the bitterly divided Andean nation, however, and the most urgent question will be whether he moderates his politics or insists on the Marxist policies in his Free Peru party manifesto. Castillo has 50.15 percent support, giving him a razor-thin lead of just more than 50,000 votes against his hard-right opponent Keiko Fujimori, daughter of the jailed 1990s president Alberto Fujimori.

She has cried fraud – despite international observers giving the elections a clean bill of health – and this week hired some of Lima’s top lawyers in an attempt to annul 200,000 votes, mainly from impoverished rural areas in the Andes and Amazon where Castillo won overwhelmingly, with more than 80 percent support. But Fujimori’s effort, which is unprecedented in Peruvian electoral history and has delayed the official declaration of a winner, appears to have failed."

So it seems Biden's plan to steal elections were not just limited to the US -- it appears he has done the exact thing in Peru?? Why Peru? Could be just a test run...he probably picked that country because he thought no one would pay attention....First of all, the rightful winner of this election, Fujimori is currently facing trial for corruption and money-laundering -- so winning this election would help her out a great deal -- help her from being in prison like her father was....

Second.....the person who stole the election is some former school teacher turned radical leftist Marxist just like Biden and his whore wife...this guy is a moron and has no real experience in politics and leadership just like Biden and his whore wife...and this guy has radical communist ideas like demanding 70% of the country's profits from its vast mineral resources be kept in the country and that 20% of the country's GDP be spent on education and healthcare - just like Biden and his whore wife.


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Sep 20, 2005
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Peru has chosen to go the way of Venezuela. I’m surprised it was as close as it was. They’ve had so many corrupt politicians on each side. The good Peruvians will flee, and Peru will become a shit hole of a country.

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