Dems Should Lead, Reps Should Stop Whining


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Nov 22, 2003
Can't say I disagree with this. We lost, now do what you can and stop it!

Goo-Goo Garbage [Ramesh Ponnuru]
The Democrats seem to be breaking their promises to run an "open" house and are instead ramming through legislation without letting Republicans amend it. I think that the Democrats are making a mistake, less because of the inside-Washington reaction than because of the long-term effects of this kind of machine politics. But I also think that Republicans are making a mistake by complaining so much about it. Having lost an election in important part because voters perceived them as being more interested in their perks and power than in the common good, they should think twice before coming out of the gate complaining about their lack of perks and power. Maybe there was a little value in getting some favorable editorials twitting the Democrats for hypocrisy, but the Republicans have made their point and need to move on...

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